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Why So many Young Malaysians have joined YouthSays. ?

Everyday, you say something.

You SMS, chat online, and talk to your friends and family.

What if your say makes changes in society, products, and people around you?

What if you got rewarded for your say?

With YouthSays, every young Malaysian will have this power.

How much have YouthSays members earned?

RM 72,305 as of 15th October 2008 wow!!!!

How does it work?

  • Get paid when you take surveys, as it helps businesses and society serve you better.
  • Meet like minds and influence others as you discuss your interests, current issues in the group discussions.
  • Get more readers for your blog, as you broadcast interesting statistics of young Malaysians.
  • Help young Malaysians with their questions. Or ask one of your own!
So what are u waiting for?

Join now and take the survey....Get ready to be busy by surveying and get paid.

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